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Jan 27 2010

if you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze -catherine of siena

I can officially check the Praxis I off my to do list now. Since I took the exam on the computer I immediately knew my math and reading score but have been anxiously waiting for 3 weeks for my writing score. I passed. I purchased a test prep book for the Praxis II: Math Content exam and should probably get the ball rolling on studying since it’s less than 2 months away.

So, my Tuesday night class has a tendency to get off topic. We spent 35 minutes last night debating whose fried chicken is better, Popeye’s or KFC. It was actually a really funny and humorous debate, which somehow we managed to relate back to strategic management. Anyways, later on my group got onto the topic of who’s going to win the Superbowl, and so we ended talking about Indianapolis. My entire group couldn’t believe I wanted to leave Chicago and even worse that I was excited about moving to Indianapolis. Apparently there is “nothing” to do in Indianapolis and I’m going to be horribly bored and miserable there. Well, I am excited. Super excited. Here are the things I am looking forward to about Indy…

  • 1 hour closer to my hometown
  • The Vintage Indiana Wine & Food Festival (June 5th, 2010)
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art, which is always free
  • Indianapolis Art Center, offers lots of cool classes
  • Monon Trail…gorgeous trail for walking, biking, running
  • Indy Artsgarden- so many cool exhibits, with many being free
  • Indy City Market- http://www.indycm.com/
  • The Murat Theatre (concerts, musicals, plays… what more could you want?)
  • The Vogue- amazing music revenue
  • Broad Ripple… so many amazing shops, restaurants, bars, clubs

I feel like I could go on and on about all the cool things Indy has to offer. After spending 4 years in Chicago I am SO ready for a change of pace. Chicago is an exhausting city to live in. I am tired of my 40 minute (7 miles, mind you) commute to work, crime even in the nicest neighborhoods, angry city workers, $100 red light tickets because they shortened the yellow light length, ridiculously expensive rent, $10 drinks… I could probably list a lot more things about Chicago that I don’t like. But most of all it just doesn’t feel like home. So I’m ready for change in scenary. And I am not embarrassed to say I am excited to move to Indianapolis. 149 days until I begin my journey with Teach For America in Indianapolis. Cannot wait. :-)

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  1. ems1187

    i go to school about two hours south of indy… don’t let anyone get you down about moving there. it’s a GREAT city! and going out in broad ripple is a definite must. besides, you have a chance of running into peyton, so that makes it an even better city :)

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