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Feb 15 2010

120 Days and Counting…

I love quotes. It will probably become blatantly evident over time. I subscribe to this website called The Daily Love. They send out an e-mail each morning with a few inspirational quotes (usually all on a similar topic). One of my favorite quotes from these e-mails is “You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone gotta be.” -Elizabeth Gilbert. Over the past few weeks I’ve been really struggling to decide if it’s in my best interest to stay connected with someone and I’ve finally decided to just let go. It feels good. What feels even better is knowing in a few months I’m going to be starting a brand new journey: a new city, new people and a new job.

This past week I got an e-mail from the Teach For America Indianapolis Team with some important To Dos (TB testing, finger printing, Praxis tests, etc.), but more excitingly a list of the other TFA Indy 2010 CMs (Corps Member). I am SO excited to meet everyone! I tried to add everyone that I could find on facebook. Hopefully over the next few months everyone starts chatting and what not… gotta find a roommate! I have definitely decided I want to live with someone. It’d be awesome to live with someone that is going through the same thing and can relate.

One of my friends at UIC went through her Teach For America interview last week and I am keeping my fingers crossed for her! She put down Indy as her number 1 location, which would be amazing if she was hired and placed there!

I kind of feel like Valentine’s Day kind of overshadowed President’s Day this year…


This Friday February 19th is the last application deadline for Teach For America. I hope if you are reading this and are unsure of whether or not to apply, that you DO apply.

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  1. Caitlin Hannon

    Hi Miss B!

    I stumbled upon your blog when searching to read about the corps experience in Indy. I have my final interview for TFA later this month and Indy is my #1 spot. I grew up there (I’ve been in NYC for the last 6 years) and I really want to go back and try to help the community where I grew up.

    I’m going to bookmark your blog and hopefully in another 6 weeks I will be able to say that we’re BOTH going to be doing this. If you have any questions on Indianapolis, though, let me know! I don’t know if you have friends from there or not, but I can point out lots of cool stuff. Check out the Rathskeller downtown (outdoor live music and beer garden in the summer) and Bazbeaux Pizza, both downtown and in Broadripple (best pizza in Indy by FAR).

    Congratulations on the start of this awesome journey…I hope I’m making it with you…so nervewracking!

    Caitlin Hannon

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