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Apr 13 2010

Longest To Do List, EVER.

Okay, Okay…. maybe my To Do List isn’t the longest EVER. But I sure feel like I have a lot of stuff to do! Besides my school work (which is a lot more than I was hoping for my last semester in college), I have to study for the Praxis II Math Content Exam (on April 24th, please keep your fingers crossed I pass), last minute TFA paperwork, and TONS of pre-institute work. And then there’s the whole issue of moving and all the logistics involved in that. We’re trying to avoid renting a U-Haul so I’m selling/giving away pretty much all my furniture. So if you know anyone in Chicago that needs furniture send them my way! Here’s a picture of my cute little TFA to do stack. =) I finally took everything out of the box. Go me. =)

I was accepted to TFA in November. I wish I had been a little more productive back in the winter instead of leaving it for now. Hindsight is 20/20 right?

Today I had the opportunity to help make 2 presentations about Teach For America at UIC with our TFA Campus Campaign Coordinator (CCC). It was really fun and exciting! The CCC for UIC presented about what the achievement gap is and how TFA is working towards closing it. I got to talk to about what inspired me to apply to Teach For America and answer any questions students had. We presented in my Urban Real Estate class and then in a pscyh class. A few of my former residents from when I was an RA were in the psych class, so it was nice to see some familiar faces. =) After our presentation, the pscyh Professor asked for a show of hands of how many people who would be looking into Teach For America now. In a class of 100 or so people about half raised their hands. Very exciting! =) Hopefully as time goes on, more and more people will know about Teach For America! UIC’s College of Business asked me to come back as an alumni next year and talk about my Teach For America experience. Kind of crazy to already be thinking about these things. Even more so that in 24 days I’ll be an alumni of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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  1. Tony

    I enjoy the picture of the books. That box was definitely heavier than I expected it to be….

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