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Mar 14 2011


Tomorrow my school will be celebrating our very 1st graduate (we just opened in September). Our students work at their own pace, so students earn credits and finish at different times. Our first graduate was 1 credit shy of graduating high school and was able to come back to school to finish up his last credit– in economics. Until this past September, this individual would not have been able to do this in Indianapolis. Since we just opened, we’ve planned for our first official graduation to be in December. Since that’s several months off, we’re going to have a mini graduation party for the student tomorrow at school. So, I spent the better half of this afternoon making cupcakes for the party. Just call me Martha. :) I am so excited to see the impact our school has on the Indianapolis community as we begin to help lower the percentage of citizens without a high school diploma.

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  1. G

    How incredibly exciting for all of you…congratulations and kudos to all!!

  2. amanda

    Awesome! I’m starting TFA in the fall, but this year I’m working with a lot of adults who don’t have their diploma or just recently got their GED. I’m really excited to hear about this kind of school. =)

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