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Apr 15 2011

Math Heaven

This week I’ve been attending the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference. 8,000 teachers and over 600 presentations. Words can’t describe how amazing this experience has been. I am so excited to get back to my classroom on Monday and show my students some of the cool new resources I now have in my arsenal. :) I thought I’d share some of my favorite math resources, some are from today, but a lot are ones I’ve been dependent on these past 8 months.

1. www.brightstorm.com- this website has been amazing for relearning a lot of things I’ve forgotten from Geometry and Algebra 2. I also give links to my students for them to watch. Most of the videos are less than 10 minutes.

2. Kuta Software- I have been fortunate that my school purchased Algebra 1, Geometry, & Algebra 2 for myself and the other math teacher. There are free worksheets on their website http://www.kutasoftware.com/ I’d HIGHLY suggest purchasing the program. It’s like $100 for a personal license. You can copy and past problems into a word document. You can make practice sheets for students in just a few clicks. It has been a life saver!!

3. Slope and Y-Intercept This is a new link I received from a session today. I can’t wait to use this with my students to show them what changes in slope look like.

4. www.ck12.org – this is FREE textbook that you can edit! I attended a session today that was put on by CK12. They have textbooks for all STEM classes in middle and high school. The potential of these open textbooks is pretty limitless. I’m excited to explore this more!

5. www.engrade.com – free online grade book. There are a lot of features of this website. You can give students quizzes using the website and it goes straight to your grade book. Students can view their grades using the website. And it’s free! :)

6. www.math-drills.com- free printable worksheets. I used the 5 minute frenzy worksheets at the beginning of the year as a warm up for my students to practice their multiplication facts (most didn’t know them). Students set goals each day for how many they wanted to get correct (out of 100) and then recorded their progress each day on a goal sheet. 100/100 earned them Multiplication Master Status. After that, I differentiated different fast facts sheets for students- division, adding integers, subtracting integers, etc.

7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFSrINhfNsQ -My absolute favorite factoring video! Plus the math teachers in the video are pretty cute. :) I dare you to watch this video, and then try to tell me you aren’t singing to yourself “teach me how to factor”

8. http://radicalmath.org/ Interested in incorporating social justice issues into math? This is your website!

9. http://www.khanacademy.org/ – A HUGE selection of videos in math and other content areas

10. http://www.regentsprep.org/regents/math/algebra/math-algebra.htm

11. http://www.youtube.com/user/derekowens Derek has a pretty extensive math video collection

12. http://www.flashcardexchange.com/tag/Algebra Tons of printable flash cards with great info!

13. http://www.mathplayground.com/wpdatabase/wpindex.html Great interactive website to practice math word problems

I’ll try to keep updating this as I find more resources. :)

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  1. Bookmarked this page. Thank you :-)

  2. A'Seret Dokubo

    I’m definitely going to book mark all these so I can reference them in the fall when I get my own classroom, thanks so much! :)

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