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Apr 18 2011

No freak outs

My school’s motto is “Any Time Any Pace Any Place”. We have learned that “any pace” needs to be specified with students. We’ve found that some students have put very little time into their work. We’ve changed a few things around to encourage a rigorous pace. We just changed our netbook policy so that students who are not completing a minimum amount of time per week (amazing part of an online program is that you can track usage) may not renew them.

About a month ago I started posting a graph of how much time each student spent the week before. I drew a line across the graph to show where students needed to be reaching. I went back and forth about should I put their names or not. I ended up giving them numbers at first. But last week I put it up with their names. No one freaked out, which was my biggest fear.

This is one of the graphs, with names cropped out of course. One thing I know I need to do is discuss the graph with students more consistently. In my smaller classes, I am better at checking in with students about their progress. In some of my bigger classes (particular in my evening courses), I don’t always get to every student every day. 

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