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Jun 29 2011


This is my last week as a 1st year teacher. It’s crazy how fast the last 10 months have gone and how different I am now than I was a year ago. I started giving my students an end of the year survey today, and I teared up reading their responses. Two that really stood out to me…

Question: What is one thing that you liked about this class and why?

Student #1′s Answer: “My teacher because she has helped me a lot and never gave up on me like my past teachers have.”

Students #2′s Answer: “The teacher is very helpful at all times. Why? Because she loves her job.”

There have been moments when I felt so frustrated with a student that I wanted to just give up. On my desk, I have the DCA competencies…and I always hang on to the asset based thinking. This past year I have really grown in my ability to look outside of all the negative to find the positive. Student #2′s answer really shocked me. I was convinced she hated me until I read this. And the thing is… I don’t love my job. But I love my students.

3 more days of students and then we begin our summer break of… 2 weeks! YAY for working at year-round school.


I finished giving student surveys today. There were some really heartfelt answers from students…

Question- What is one thing that you liked about this class and why?

  1. “Miss B’s a nice, good teacher, very welcoming and patient with people like me in math as well.”
  2. “The teacher is always so happy.”
  3. “How my teacher is always here to help and the fact I like math.”
  4. “Cause Miss B will help whenever I need and she help me understand I can open up to her”
  5. “The commitment. The teacher is so helpful.”
  6. “How nice Miss B is and how she always willing to help”

Question- What did you learn this year in Miss B’s math class?

  1. “I learned that math is not some ‘monster’ I can’t handle.”
  2. “She wants us to be graduates.”
  3. “How to be more positive”
  4. “Not to let math get me upset”
  5. “That is takes time and you have to be willing to work hard to learn the math to pass”
  6. “Taking my time to listen Don’t be afraid to ask question”
  7. “I learned that I was smarter than I knew. I learned so much there’s no room to write it all.”

It’s great to hear students like me. I’d much rather they write that they liked the class because they like doing math. I know that every student won’t love math, but I’d really like for students to leave my class confident that they can do math. I will have the same set of students for the 2011-2012 school year, so there is more time for convincing! :)

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  1. fantastic. keep it up – the teaching, the blogging and the passion

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