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Aug 06 2011

New School Year! Weeks 1 & 2

I can’t believe how quickly this school year is going! My first day with students was on Wednesday, July 27th. This year I am teaching Algebra 1. We are having 8 week terms at my school. In this 8 weeks, I have to teach my students the ENTIRE year of Algebra 1. Whoa. Thankfully I have them 3 hour a day, Monday through Thursday. Here are the PROs & CONs of this change…


1. 100% direct instruction- if I use netbooks it’s a teaching tool not as the main source of new information

2. Small classes (I have 5 students in the morning & 4 in the afternoon)

3. I teach during the day all week.


1. I lost my prep period Monday through Thursday due to the new schedule.

2. Since I am teaching the same students 4 days in a row during the day, I have to teach a 12 hour day every two weeks. Our night students have different teachers every night… it’s a bit chaotic right now.

3. My new prep time is on Friday…. which has also turned into the day of meetings so really no prep time.

4. 3 hours of instruction is a REALLY long time to plan for. I have between 3 and 5 objectives a day.

My student took their first unit exam this past Thursday. Overall, they did really well. My afternoon class did much better and their attendance was also much better. If a student misses 1 day, they get SO behind since I cover so much material. It’s kind of crazy how much they are learning in 1 day. But, I think they are really enjoying it. :)

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